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About Fishguard, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK)

Situated in Pembrokeshire in South Wales, Fishguard is a small town with some interesting historical references.

With easy access to the scenic Pembrokeshire countryside, the town is a good place to take a quiet weekend break or a relaxing summer vacation.

What to Do in Fishguard

As a town with a great many transient visitors, Fishguard offers plenty of amenities. Spend a pleasant lunchtime or evening at one of the town's restaurants or bars, visit art galleries or spend time perusing some of the charming craft shops available.

Tourist Attractions

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is perhaps the town's most significant natural attraction; with endless species of flora and fauna, the park is an absolute haven for bird and animal watchers as well as those who simply appreciate wandering amid greenery, across rolling hills and around rugged cliffs. The park's interesting Celtic history is embodied in its standing stones, ancient burial chambers and reconstructed Iron Age settlement.

Visitors interested in history should make a point of checking out the Fishguard Tapestry, a textile work created in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry, which tells the stories of the area's invasions by the French and the Irish. The tapestry is on display at a hall located close to Fishguard Town Hall.

More history is on offer at the Napoleonic Old Fort at Fishguard, which dates back to the late 18th century and was previously the scene of attacks led by the Black Prince during the attempted French invasion of the area in 1797. The town's white lighthouse is also nearby, which is notable as one of Fishguard's most significant landmarks.

Fishguard Port

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